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We are delighted to announce that as part of the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival in Barcelona, there will be a number of expert “Drop in Surgeries” on offer. At our core we want to help young companies benefit from expertise to grow and scale their business that they might not ordinarily have access to.

We have a number of experts available and we would like to offer you the opportunity to have these sessions staffed at your stands, meetings rooms or at your events – all you need is two chairs and a quiet-ish spot.

Sessions are about 20 to 25 minutes long and intended to run as “pop ups” so those passing can stop and seek advice as they wander around too. We will be promoting these sessions through the festival and our experts own networks. We think this will create an additional useful attraction for your stand or event. What’s more, some of our experts will be producing blog posts summarising the advice that they gave during their sessions which, as a session host, you can publish or link to as well.

We will be opening up registrations for these sessions shortly, but first we need some space to do them. There’s no charge to lend us some of your exhibition space so it’s a very easy way for you to get involved with the festival. Does that sound like you? Or maybe you’re an expert who’d like to offer some free consultancy sessions to SMEs and start-ups?

To give you an example: Julia Shalet, Product Doctor, is one of our experts. Her expertise is in user and revenue centred product development, management and marketing for products at any life-stage. She has 18 years’ experience working with tech products across corporate, start up and third sectors. Here are some examples of her previous surgeries.

Ignite100 Start Up Programme –
Over The Air 2011 –
Over The Air 2010 –

If you are interested in providing space for these sessions, or being one of our experts, just fill in this quick form or get in touch with Helen Keegan to discuss.


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