Welcome to Heroes of Mobile

Founded by mobile media industry veteran, Helen Keegan, Heroes of Mobile is about knowledge and networking events and other initiatives to help people get their heads round what to do when it comes to mobile. Whether it’s the whole of your job, part of your job or you just have an interest in the sector, there’ll be something for you here.

The next Heroes of the Mobile Fringe festival is in Leeds on 3 and 4 November 2015. And then we’ll be in Barcelona again from Sunday 21st February to Thursday 25 February 2016.

Find out about the festival, our sponsors and community partners, how to get involved, the events that are forming part of the festival, our media and community partners and plenty more to keep you busy at the fringe festival. There are ongoing sponsorship opportunities for local events, next year’s festival and online only. Do get in touch if you’re interested to find out more. And there are plenty of ways to get involved in next year’s festival – it’s currently free to add your event, we have a bunch of volunteers every year and we will need spaces to host pop-up events too. Don’t be shy. Join in!

More events in other cities will be happening later in the year.

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