Tracey Moberly wants to Text You Up

Artist Tracey Moberly is headed to Barcelona for the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival and Mobile World Congress. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year at Swedish Beers in London and have got to know her work much better over the last few weeks and months and I’m kind of fascinated by it. Her book, Text Me Up, is of particular interest as it is a selection of all the text messages she’s ever received from her wide range of contacts and friends including Pete Doherty, Ken Livingstone and Bill Drummond of KLF fame amongst many others. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some of her stories first hand and I’m working my way through the book too. And it’s enthralling.

So here’s the deal. We’d like to do a couple of book signing spots for Tracey where she can sign books and talk about some of her work. So this is a shout out to find a host for her to do these. I reckon we need 40 minutes or. And maybe buy a box of the books to get signed and give away as prizes or gifts to visitors to your stand or your clients. Or perhaps you can invite Tracey to be a special guest at your party or meet-up to do a book signing or talk? Prints of Tracey’s photos can also be made available at reasonable cost – and there’s a huge selection to choose from with most of them specifically related to text messaging in some way.

We’ll do our bit as well and organise some media interviews for her so this should be a lively attraction at your stand or event.

Get in touch if this sounds like you.