Heroes is proud to announce Art on the Fringe – Mobilography Exhibition @ MOB

Heroes of the Mobile Fringe is proud to present our inaugural exhibition, showcasing the work of 3 extremely talented artists who use their mobile phone’s as their medium for expression.

Tracey Moberly describes why she choses this medium “as an artist my mobile phone has developed and grown from my inspirational muse via SMS to paint box and pallet with both high and low resolution phone camera specs and the different Apps I use. I create large scale canvases for gallery exhibition and commission filtered through Apps such as Instagram. I use it in a wide number of disciplines from creating films and music industry videos to embroidered and art worked text messages thus giving longevity to an otherwise disposable medium. My mobile has become not only my tool box, but a vehicle to take and make my creations globally …

Our fabulous artists exhibiting are Tracey Moberly, Ben Lowe and Heike Schuricht. The show is on for a week so come and view the 50 pieces of Mobilography in the coolest space in town, MOB, Makers of Barcelona, open daily from 10.00am – 7.30pm, Sunday 25th – Thursday 28th Feb.