Can PacMan Teach Maths podcast now live

Our wonderful friends from Pearson, who you will be familiar with through their Penguin and FT titles alongside their extensive educational division, tackled an interesting subject in another one in our podcast series. ‘Can you teach curriculum through game based learning alone?’ or somewhat more flippantly, ‘Can PacMan teach maths?’

Looking at the impact of gamification on mlearning, at how children and adults are adapting (or not) their learning styles in the digital age, and discovering what this means for those in both the world of learning and the world of gaming.

The session was moderated by Russell Buckley and he was joined by Volker Hirsch from BlackBerry, .Alina Vandenberghe from Pearson Gaming and Vincent Hoogsteder from Distimo.

A big thank you to our speakers, to Pearson for sponsoring this session and to Mark Bridge for the audio production.

Please have a listen by downloading or streaming here and do feel free to share.