About us

Heroes of Mobile organises and promotes knowledge and networking events and initiatives in the mobile industry globally to celebrate all things mobile. The Swedish Beers parties have been running in London since October 2001 and Barcelona since 2006 with ad hoc events in Leeds, Berlin, New York and San Francisco. The Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival happens in Barcelona every year the week of Mobile World Congress and will be back for the 6th time in March 2017.

You can listen to our podcasts on our Soundcloud channel or join us for our next events in the US. We’re in San Francisco with Swedish Beers on 2 May. Then we’re doing a series of talks ‘When Will our Smartphones be Smarter than Us? AI and the Future of Mobile’ in Mountain View on 3 May, New York City on 5 May and Los Angeles on 9 May. More events will be happening in London later in the year, including the annual Hacklands Festival of Technology on a farm in Kent.

We have a mailing list so you can keep in touch what’s on. You can add your email address in the box on this site.

Let’s celebrate our diverse and fast-moving mobile industry!

Helen Keegan  |  Founder  | Heroes of Mobile