Heroes of the Mobile Fringe 2014 are Go!

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I can hardly believe this is going to be the third year of organising the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival in Barcelona. And on top of that, it will be my eighth Swedish Beers party in Barcelona. It has been quite the journey and certainly one that isn’t over yet.

The success (or not) of the festival is really down to YOU. I’ll be organising Swedish Beers (the bar is booked for Wednesday 26 February and I’ll have more details coming soon but feel free to connect on Facebook and Twitter to get updates). I am also organising an event with the UKTI aimed at investors on Sunday 23 February. And maybe one or two more things. But everything else is up to you and for you to make of it as you will. My goal in this is to help the right people get together and to help you make the most of the week.

How to get involved?

hotmf needs youCreate an event. Whether it’s a small round-table, a panel discussion, a lunch, a dinner, a party or something else entirely, as long as it’s related to mobile, falls within the 23 to 28 February 2014 and is interesting*, then it’s in. It does not have to be held in Barcelona either – if you’d like to put something on in your town or city during those dates, then feel free. There were events in London and Helsinki last year – can we add any more this year?

Once you’ve created an event, please add it here so I can include it as a listing. There is no charge to list your event. I repeat, there is no charge to list your event!

If you need a venue, I may be able to help. I know some people locally who can help source, or I can recommend a few places. Barcelona is full of lovely bars and restaurants and many of them are very happy to welcome new guests.

If you have an event idea, but need some help fleshing it out, then feel free to run it past me – just add it to the list or drop me a line. I charge reasonable rates for organising events for clients. And if I’m not the right person to do it, then I probably know someone who is.

If you’re not up to organising your own event, but would like to sponsor something, then please get in touch. There are a couple of sponsorship slots available for Swedish Beers and there are a couple of other events I’d like to see happen subject to sponsorship.

If you have an event and would like to give it a bit extra marketing push, then get in touch. I can offer paid-for marketing services in this respect. Or I can make some recommendations.

Alternatively, you can offer your services as a volunteer or as a media partner.

And before you ask me about how to score an exhibition pass for Mobile World Congress, that’s the subject of another post. I don’t have a secret stash of them. In fact, I don’t even have one for myself.

See you in Barcelona!


*I have the final decision whether or not to include something in the festival or deem it interesting. Avoid the sales pitches and we should be good to go!

We’ve Found(um) a Space for You

Looking for space to host your own event as part of the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival?

Branding, Design & CommunicationsmyTaxi.netBarcelona’s biggest event, Mobile World Congress 2012, is about to take place. Some friends with an office in Barcelona heard through the grapevine that many panels and networking events would go ahead if the right space were available. So Foundum and MyTaxi decided to make their office available for you and your guests.

You can see the picture of the office and the map below. It’s less than a 10 minute walk from La Fira on Placa Espanya. We are happy to speak to you if you are interested in organizing such an event. The space is suitable for panel discussions, tech meet-ups and networking drinks. The space is available after 5pm on weekdays and by arrangement the weekend before Congress. There are only a few office chairs, so it’s for events where you don’t mind the delegates standing up and there’s room for a maximum of 50 people.

Please get in touch with us via info@foundum.com or on Twitter @foundum!

We look forward to seeing what event happens here. Get those thinking caps on.

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Tracey Moberly wants to Text You Up

Artist Tracey Moberly is headed to Barcelona for the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival and Mobile World Congress. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year at Swedish Beers in London and have got to know her work much better over the last few weeks and months and I’m kind of fascinated by it. Her book, Text Me Up, is of particular interest as it is a selection of all the text messages she’s ever received from her wide range of contacts and friends including Pete Doherty, Ken Livingstone and Bill Drummond of KLF fame amongst many others. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some of her stories first hand and I’m working my way through the book too. And it’s enthralling.

So here’s the deal. We’d like to do a couple of book signing spots for Tracey where she can sign books and talk about some of her work. So this is a shout out to find a host for her to do these. I reckon we need 40 minutes or. And maybe buy a box of the books to get signed and give away as prizes or gifts to visitors to your stand or your clients. Or perhaps you can invite Tracey to be a special guest at your party or meet-up to do a book signing or talk? Prints of Tracey’s photos can also be made available at reasonable cost – and there’s a huge selection to choose from with most of them specifically related to text messaging in some way.

We’ll do our bit as well and organise some media interviews for her so this should be a lively attraction at your stand or event.

Get in touch if this sounds like you.

Eva Kekou and Locative Media Art

urbannarraive in athens locative mediaIt was always our intention to have some art as part of the festival and we may have just the opportunity to do that – with a bit of help from .

Eva Kekou is an art and cultural studies theorist with a PhD and has been long involved in the research and practice of media art and locative media and wants to share some of her recent work in Urban Digital Narratives and do a talk about her work during the week of congress and at the end of it, run a relaxed one-day workshop (5 to 6 hours) in a Barcelona neighbourhood on Friday 2nd March to show digital narratives in action. In the workshop, up to 20 people will spend a day exploring a neighbourhood of Barcelona and transcribing narratives/experience through android applications.This is a new way to map cities through narratives in a digital era and a fun way to explore a new city using augmented reality and other mobile technologies. Sounds interesting huh?

So, what do we need to make this happen? Well we just need to cover Eva’s costs for travel and accommodation for the week. We think this would be about 800 Euros (well, assuming flight costs don’t increase significantly and we can find reasonably priced accommodation for her (and we think we can). And we need to cover the cost of a venue to hold the talk (unless someone can host this on their stand or other venue at no cost). So a guestimate total of 1200 Euros would more than cover it.

Eva is also looking for partners to collaborate with on her research in other cities and countries. Maybe there’s a university researcher in Barcelona who might be interested to connect?

Do you think you can help?

  • Perhaps you’d like to sponsor this session and put your company name against it?
  • Or do you have air miles going spare and would like to donate them to Eva.
  • Maybe  you can host the presentation session on your exhibition stand or meeting room?
  • Can you welcome Eva into your home for the week as a guest or maybe you have a spare room going in your rented apartment that’s available Tuesday through Saturday?
  • Or maybe you’d just like to contribute to the cause because it sounds like a good idea and you’d like to see the results?
  • Or would you like to spend the Friday after Congress with Eva exploring the city in this way, in which case, buy a ticket.
  • Can you offer Eva a ticket for Congress so that she can see the exhibition for herself and take the learnings back to her students and apply it to update her research?
  • Eva is also looking for partners to collaborate with on her research in other cities and countries. Maybe there’s a university researcher in Barcelona who might be interested to connect?

If you think you can help in any way, please contact Eva directly by email.

If you would like to join the walking tour and workshop, please buy your ticket here. If we don’t manage to get Eva over to MWC, we’ll refund your money in full.

More about Eva and her work at the following links.





The doctor is in

We are delighted to announce that as part of the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival in Barcelona, there will be a number of expert “Drop in Surgeries” on offer. At our core we want to help young companies benefit from expertise to grow and scale their business that they might not ordinarily have access to.

We have a number of experts available and we would like to offer you the opportunity to have these sessions staffed at your stands, meetings rooms or at your events – all you need is two chairs and a quiet-ish spot.

Sessions are about 20 to 25 minutes long and intended to run as “pop ups” so those passing can stop and seek advice as they wander around too. We will be promoting these sessions through the festival and our experts own networks. We think this will create an additional useful attraction for your stand or event. What’s more, some of our experts will be producing blog posts summarising the advice that they gave during their sessions which, as a session host, you can publish or link to as well.

We will be opening up registrations for these sessions shortly, but first we need some space to do them. There’s no charge to lend us some of your exhibition space so it’s a very easy way for you to get involved with the festival. Does that sound like you? Or maybe you’re an expert who’d like to offer some free consultancy sessions to SMEs and start-ups?

To give you an example: Julia Shalet, Product Doctor, is one of our experts. Her expertise is in user and revenue centred product development, management and marketing for products at any life-stage. She has 18 years’ experience working with tech products across corporate, start up and third sectors. Here are some examples of her previous surgeries.

Ignite100 Start Up Programme – http://juliashalet.wordpress.com/2011/11/30/nail-your-launch-strategy-at-an-early-stage/
Over The Air 2011 – http://juliashalet.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/diy-user-engagement/
Over The Air 2010 – http://juliashalet.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/product-doctor-diagnoses-ota-2010/

If you are interested in providing space for these sessions, or being one of our experts, just fill in this quick form or get in touch with Helen Keegan to discuss.