Future of Mobile AI with James Tagg

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Hear James Tagg explain his vision of mobile AI (Artificial Intelligence)

As the big mobile players launch ever more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence agents what should we expect from our mobile devices in five year’s time or even fifty? How long will it be before our smarter smartphones are smarter than us?

You can expect a romp through the short-term practical things we will see our mobiles do, through to some future-gazing speculation from one of the most inventive minds in the mobile business.

Doors will open at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. Light refreshments will be provided by our hosts and sponsor, Truphone. Registration is required. ID may also be required to enter the building. Please note all registration details will be shared with our sponsors and event partners.

About James Tagg

_DAR5890James Tagg is an inventor and entrepreneur. A pioneer of touchscreen technology he has founded several companies, including Truphone, the world’s first global mobile network. He holds numerous patents filed in over a hundred countries. He studied Physics and Computer Science at Manchester University, Design at Lancaster University and Engineering at Cambridge University. His first book, Are the Androids Dreaming Yet? Communication Creativity and Free Will, explores the limits of Artificial Intelligence and the differences between humans and computers.

This is a Heroes of Mobile Event.