Future of Mobile: Talk + Open Space Session with James Tagg & Lloyd Davis

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We all have a mobile phone, our addiction to them is obvious. We’re talking less and messaging more. We’re mindlessly swiping touchscreens, sharing selfies, voicing our opinions, downloading music, movies and books we’ll never consume. We’re downloading apps by the million, we expect information to be at our fingertips in a nano second. Our devices are now monitoring our heart rates, blood sugar levels and our happiness. Siri and Cortana will chat to us until we can chat no more. But what’s next?

James Tagg will open this session with a short talk sharing his vision of the future of mobile. Having invented the first LCD touchscreen and recently published a book about the science of information, and being the founder and CTO of the world’s first global mobile network, he is well-placed to tell us what he thinks the future of mobile holds for us in terms of what is or isn’t possible.

After the short talk, come and enjoy a big conversation, facilitated by James Tagg and Lloyd Davis about whatever aspects of the future of mobile technology most puzzles, enthuses, or irritates you, answering the question “What does the future of mobile hold for us?”


Our discussions will be held under open space conditions. This is an informal approach to let to choose what aspect of the future of advertising you want to talk about. Anyone in the room can suggest a topic area to cover, a more specific area of interest or perhaps to ask a question of others. The only rule is the law of mobility, which says that if you’re not getting anything out of the conversation you are in, you’re very welcome to move on somewhere else. We think you’ll find this a very productive way to get to grips with a topic like this.

A big thank you to aql for hosting and sponsoring this session. Light refreshments will be provided.

Timing: Doors will open at 10am for a 10.30am start. We’ll continue for about 2 hours.

This session will lead on to a series of discussions along this theme that we’re holding in London later on in November. You can find out about and register for those here.

About James Tagg

_DAR5890James Tagg is an inventor, author and entrepreneur. A pioneer of touchscreen technology, he developed the first ever touchscreen LCD display and in 2001 invented a mobile phone Sim card that allows users to operate multiple international numbers with a single voicemail and bill. He has founded several companies, including Truphone, where he is CTO. Truphone is the world’s first global mobile network. He is the author of Are The Androids Dreaming Yet. He holds numerous patents, filed in over a hundred countries. He studied Physics and Computer Science at Manchester University, Design at Lancaster University and Engineering at Cambridge University. In 2015, he co-founded a new technology & arts festival, Hacklands. He lives with his family on a farm in Kent, England.http://jamestagg.com and http://truphone.com

About Lloyd Davis

lloyd davis head shotLloyd Davis is a social artist and master community builder. He has been blogging and podcasting since 2004. With a diverse background that includes theatre, information management and public service regulation he has acquired a unique, in-depth and practical understanding of the social web and building rich relationships online and off-. Having founded London’s highly influential Tuttle Club which regularly attracts the UK’s brightest social media thinkers and doers, Lloyd writes, speaks and consults about these uses of social technology. Recent work includes Social Artist in Residence at the University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration; We Will Gather – a web service for organising good things in local communities; and #hackthebarbican – a month-long cultural intervention at London’s Barbican Centre.

Read Lloyd’s blog, follow him on Twitter – @lloyddavis and Instagram. Come to Tuttle.

This is a Heroes of Mobile event supported by aql and Inspiring Interns.

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