Future of Work: Blockchains

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Future of WorkOur relationship with work and technology is complicated.  We strive to reduce the difficulty and danger of work for people, but we want to keep our jobs-based economy.  For many people, work gives meaning to their lives and yet they hate their job.

In this series, we’ll be looking at the gap between advances in technology and our social capacity to deal with them, especially in the context of how work is changing.

In this second event, we’ll be discussing the effects of the use of blockchain technology.  Bitcoin gave us programmable money, blockchain platforms for smart contracts promise entirely programmable companies – what does that mean for us?  Is this the big (and final) wave of White Collar Automation that’s been promised for decades?

To help us find our way through this, we’ll have contributions from Imogen Heap, singer-songwriter, technologist and creator of the Mycelia concept for “Fairtrade Music” using blockchain and James Tagg of Truphone. This will be followed by an open space discussion on “What do humans do that can’t be replaced by code?”


Doors open at 6pm

Speakers 6.30pm to 7.00pm

Discussion: 7.00pm to 7.45pm

Round up: 7.45pm

Conversations and networking continue until 8.45pm.

Doors close at 9pm

What is open space?

Our discussions will be held under open space conditions. This is an informal approach and it means you get to choose what aspect of the question to talk about. Anyone in the room can suggest a topic area to cover, a more specific area of interest or perhaps to ask a question of others. The only rule is the law of mobility, which says that if you’re not getting anything out of the conversation you are in, you’re very welcome to move on somewhere else.

About our hosts


Founded by James Tagg, Alexander Straub and Alistair Campbell, almost 10 years ago, Truphone has built the world’s first global, integrated, high-performance mobile network, with services that keep your business moving anywhere you are.

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Truphone enables you to experience total mobile freedom. The freedom to use your mobile device around the world, just like you do at home.  You can say goodbye to hassle of traditional roaming and bill shock and say hello to worry-free mobile services.

Welcome to Truphone – welcome to mobile freedom. Find out more at http://truphone.com


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