High Impact Technologies: How to build the future now?

Event Details

Need more brain food after MWC? Then this is for you!

Free to attend, but please reserve your place here.

With the upcoming Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona at the end of February, Makers of Barcelona is kickstarting a week of innovation with the Launch of Entrepreneurial Exponential Technology meetup! We’ll learn about the technology you might see at MWC or 4YFN and talk about building it. If you’ve always been interested by MWC and the startup world surrounding 4 Years From Now, so are we. So we’ll be catering our launch just to that.

Entrepreneurship in Exponential Tech is a community of doers and creators wanting to learn about the latest trends in impact innovation and technology. Discover the newest trends and build with the newest technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Space Technology, BioTech, 3D printing, Wearables, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things are just some of the few we’ll talk about.

Let’s gather all the exponential brains in Barcelona and build a creative high tech community. We’ll build, we’ll share, we’ll learn and we’ll create impact. But we won’t just be learning about technology, we’ll actually be making it, getting our hands dirty and creating it.

Let’s be the intersection of what we know and love ( high tech badassery) and what the world needs ( find the problem)


7:30pm An Intro by Cecilia Tham on MOB//Makers of Barcelona, mission and innovative vision.

7:50pm An introduction from Alex Rodriguez, a Theoretical Physicist and Aerospace Engineer. He’ll be giving a small talk on his theory on how Science-Fiction actually helps us predict the future, and a small presentation, 10×10, where he will try to introduce 10 disruptive technologies in 10 minutes.

8:15pm Jose Luís Cordeiro, Engineer from MIT and Founding professor at Singularity University in california. He is a renown futurist and has written influential articles such as << Death will be optional in 2045>> – Pending confirmation

9:00pm Francesca Catto. She’s a biotechnologist and cell biologist with a knack for cool research. She is an expert in stem cell research, cloning and microscopy and she’ll be giving us an introduction to what it means to be a transhumanist and tools that are being developed and already used to extend the life of humans (CRISPR/Cas9).

9:15pm David Bardos Co-ounder of Antiloop he is a pioneer in Virtual Reality and creator of hologram for freedom, the first hologram protest in history.

9:30pm Sergi Gòmez. VR expert and head of “Emprèn UPC” business accelerator for the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. – <<Pending confirmation>>

9:55pm Izan Peris, an aerospace engineer with a mission to make ideas go from infinity to beyond, almost literally. He’ll be talking about our future as humans in space and what technology is being developed to get us there!

After all the speakers we’ll open up the floor for some general discussion, questions and future-making ideas. Then we’ll have some drinks and chat about our common interest. We invite anyone who has a cool hardware idea or startup to come and 1-minute present their idea! Bring your prototypes, bring your blue-prints, bring whatever you want. All is welcome here and we’re more than sure someone will be interested in it!