Los Angeles: When Will Our Smartphones Be Smarter Than Us?

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A talk and discussion James Tagg, Author of Are The Androids Dreaming Yet, Inventor of the LCD Touchscreen and co-founder of Truphone. ‘When Will Our Smartphones be Smarter Than Us? AI and the Future of Mobile.’
Further guests and sponsors tba. 

Heroes of Mobile is going on Tour and heading Stateside! As part of the trip, we’ll be in Los Angeles on the evening of Monday 9 May to talk about Artificial Intelligence and discuss when our smartphones will be smarter than us. Hear James Tagg explain his vision of mobile AI (Artificial Intelligence) and what we can expect from our mobile devices in five year’s time or even fifty. Expect a romp through the short-term practical things we will see our mobiles do, through to some future-gazing speculation from one of the most inventive minds in the mobile business. James will be joined by Sam Liang, CEO & Founder of AI Sense. There will be a chance to ask questions and network during the event.

This event is free to attend. The venue is IndieDesk which is located at the Wells Fargo North Tower. 

About ‘Are The Androids Dreaming Yet’

Alan Turing invented the computer, helped win World War II and left us with one of the greatest puzzles of our time – the imitation game. Can computers do everything a human mind can do? The book charts a journey through the science of information, from the origins of language and logic to the frontiers of modern physics. From Lewis Carroll’s logic puzzles, through Alan Turing and his work on Enigma, to John Bell’s inequality and finally, the Conway-Kochen ‘Free Will’ Theorem. How do the laws of physics give us our creativity, our rich experience of communication and, especially, our free will?


The book is available on Amazon and iTunes now.


Photo of James TaggAbout James Tagg

James Tagg is an inventor and entrepreneur. A pioneer of touchscreen technology, he has founded several companies, including Truphone, the world’s first global mobile network. He holds numerous patents, filed in over a hundred countries. He studied Physics and Computer Science at Manchester University, Design at Lancaster University and Engineering at Cambridge University. He lives with his family on a farm in Kent, England. 

About Sam Liang

Sam is the CEO and Founder of AI Sense, a stealth mode mobile data intelligence and AI startup being built by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. AI Sense’s team are Google, Amazon and Alibaba alumni.

This event is supported by Truphone and IndieDesk and brought to you by Heroes of Mobile and The Tuttle Club, London and Mobile Monday Silicon Beach.

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