Future of Work: Blockchain–Event Round-Up

Although I’ve heard of Bitcoin and roughly understand how it works and I’m aware that its underlying technology is Blockchain, I can’t say I knew a lot more than that about it. That meant I was listening with all ears to the smarter people around me who did know more about the technology.

We (Lloyd Davis, myself and Truphone) started the second Future of Work event with an introduction to Mycelia from Imogen Heap. If you haven’t read it yet, the two-part interview she did on Forbes is a great starting point. In a nutshell, she calls it “Fairtrade for musicians”  it’s intended to be a way of using smart contracts on the blockchain to manage metadata about an artist’s works (including that important metadata about price and how money gets distributed after each sale). You can see her talk in the video below.

The discussions afterwards included:

  • Blockchain as a method of trust
  • How do we make Mycelia a foundation & make money for itself?
  • Autonomy embedded
  • Money creation on the blockchain
  • Beacon Music App
  • Mobile Blockchain
  • Does Technology democratize or amplify differences in Human Power Relationships?
  • Crowdsourced Artistic Market?
  • What is the Finance Industry?
  • Scaling and Sequestration
  • Distributed Identity
  • UI & UX How do we interact with the blockchain. Author User
  • Devising Gaming Mechanics on the block chain (Educational)
  • The Musician Development Bank
  • Fair Trade Music Light!
  • What is the overhead of running a blockchain system to record all, say FX transactions or all music plays

We finish each evening with a circle where we pass around an audio recorder to capture people’s immediate reactions.  Have a listen over on Lloyd’s blog to get more of a feel for what it was like in the room.

David Terrar also wrote a fantastic blog post about the session on Agile Elephant.

And if you want to know more about Blockchain, there’s a very useful primer on Business Insider and First Partner has prepared a new market map looking specifically at Blockchain and it’s free to download.

Where next for mobile music podcast is live

mobile music

Music is a fundamental part of our lives, but gone are the days when teenagers spend hours in record shops ogling the latest releases from their favourite bands. The rise of digital music has been exponential and mobile is firmly part of that picture. From FM radio on feature phones to copying over your favourite music on MP3 files to your phone as well as the plethora of apps and streaming service, where is this all going and how on earth do you make any money from it?

mini-marshall-amp-225x300In this panel of mobile sector and music industry experts, we’ll discuss the challenges and issues of being in the business of mobile music. The session will be chaired by mobile specialist at Openmarket, musician, DJ, producer and composer, Oisin Lunny.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Which handset manufacturers and network operators have made a real success of mobile music?
  • What have been the missed music business opportunities of the mobile consumer revolution?
  • Streaming or download, what matters to the networks, the labels, and the consumers?
  • What can the broader mobile industry learn from leveraging compelling media assets for customer acquisition, engagement and retention?
  • International content licensing, opportunities, pitfalls & choosing the right partner
  • What’s next for mobile music, our panel of experts look into the mobile music ecosystem crystal ball?
  • Favourite apps, blogs and tools for mobile music discovery and their potential to make money

Stream or download the podcast below from our SoundCloud channel. Video of this session coming soon. Audio production by Mark Bridge at TheFonecast.com

About our sponsor

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